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Sacred Healing Oils

Sign up for Young Living essential oils
through the sponsorship of the
Spiritual Dynamics Academy
and receive our deep insights into the
sacred nature of these healing oils

Follow these steps to get started now.
You can print out these instructions if you wish.

1) After you click the Continue link below, first select your Country from the pull-down list.

2) For specific oils, you can order as a Retail Customer or you can choose the best possible pricing by selecting 'Member' for wholesale membership pricing. This will ensure you a 24% wholesale pricing discount on all future purchases. Even though you are classed as a distributor-type Member, there is no need to ever sell anything.
Note. At least one number must be included in the password you select.

3) When asked for a choice of Member starter kits, choose either the basic starter kit or the highly-recommended the Premium Starter kit with Dewdrop Diffuser. This kit includes the Premium Essential Oils Collection. Because of special pricing on this kit to new members, the diffuser is virtually free! This collection of the eleven key oils is essential to your awareness of the power of sacred healing oils and the educational program which we will supply following your ordering of the Premium Starter Kit.

When you receive your oils collection order, we will follow up with all the educational material you need to understand the spiritual qualities and the sacred power of these essential oils so that you can take this important step toward more vibrant physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness!

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Remember: The Member option saves
you 24% off the retail price on all orders


Note: A Sponsor ID number is required for all signups. Ours is 1129628.