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Spiritual Consciousness
by Owen K Waters

MeditationSuccessful seekers of spiritual wisdom share one outstanding common bond. They have all passed through the gateway of the heart into the first of the spiritual stages of human development.

There are twelve stages of conscious evolution designed into our experience as human beings. They range from the basic will to survive all the way up to the ultimate spiritual achievement of cosmic consciousness.

Those twelve stages are divided into two tiers of conscious evolution. There are six stages in the basic tier and six stages in the spiritual tier.

Professor Clare W. Graves (1914-1986) was a social scientist who first identified the basic stages of human development as he observed the characteristics of what we now call the Cultural Creatives movement. He noted that people had entered stage six consciousness in huge numbers - totaling more than 1 in 5 adults at that time - and he also observed many instances of stage seven consciousness.

From a metaphysical perspective, these stages of social development resonate directly with the human chakra system. The key to seeing this correlation is to realize that there are two faces to every major chakra.

For example, the front face of the solar plexus chakra is the lower version of solar plexus consciousness. It relates to stage four consciousness, which focuses on the rule of law, traditional religion, and other forms of authoritarian control.

The higher part of solar plexus consciousness relates to the version of that chakra that faces backward and is connected to the rear of the spine. Its stage five frequency resonates one half-tone higher than stage four and deals with the development of basic intellect, such as mathematical ability and materialistic science.

How the twelve faces of the seven major chakras are configured

Notice that, while the energy vortexes representing the root chakra and the crown chakra are both singular, the other five of the major chakras all face in both directions - front and back.

Solar plexus-based consciousness is the lens that resonates most to the physical, third-density (3D) world in which we live. Stage four of the 12 stages of consciousness is the lower version of 3D consciousness and stage five is higher 3D consciousness.

Now, look at the complete table of the twelve stages of human consciousness. As people - or society in large groups - evolve up the ladder of conscious development, their viewpoints expand to a wider worldview and, yet, they retain all that they have learned from the lessons of the lower levels through which they have already passed.

The Twelve Stages of Human Consciousness
and their Related Density Levels


Density level

Chakra location, facing direction Chakra function Manifestation of the chakra
Tier 1: The Material Tier
1 Upper 1D Root chakra Instinctual Personal survival
2 Lower 2D Sex chakra -
front face
Emotional - receptive Clan formation
3 Upper 2D Sex chakra -
back face
Emotional - active Courage
4 Lower 3D Solar plexus chakra - front face Intellectual - receptive Ordered purpose
5 Upper 3D Solar plexus chakra - back face Intellectual - active Achievement
6 Lower 4D Heart chakra -
front face
Holistic - receptive Caring community
Tier 2: The Spiritual Tier
7 Upper 4D Heart chakra -
back face
Holistic - active Spiritual awareness
8 Lower 5D Throat chakra -
front face
Creative - receptive Intuitive development
9 Upper 5D Throat chakra -
back face
Creative - active Powerful creativity
10 Lower 6D Third eye chakra -
front face
Higher spiritual - receptive Secrets of the universe
11 Upper 6D Third eye chakra -
back face
Higher spiritual - active Globally-applied wisdom
12 Lower 7D Crown chakra Universal connection Cosmic consciousness

(Note: Density levels are sometimes incorrectly referred to as "dimensions.")

It is of huge significance to the evolution of humanity that so many people today have already entered stage six and stage seven consciousness. It is important because those are fourth-density (4D), heart-centered stages of consciousness and we are preparing today for a physical shift into a fourth-density state of physical existence.

The leading mindset, therefore, is preparing the way for the physical shift which is to come.

Professor Graves was fascinated with stage seven consciousness because he realized that the first six stages formed a set, or tier, of stages and that stage seven was a step into a whole new tier. He called the jump into the second tier of consciousness, "a momentous leap" for humanity.

If you think of stage seven as the step from the basic tier of six stages into the spiritual tier of six stages of consciousness then, yes, "momentous" is a very apt description. No longer is a stage-seven individual wandering around the physical world searching for the lost, hidden truth of existence... they've found it!

Spiritual awareness brings purpose to life because the underlying, overall purpose for the human experience is growth in consciousness. When your focus becomes spiritual, you are looking up, directly at the ladder of growth, and no longer looking around for clues as to what life is all about.

The gateway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart.

Once a person reaches stage six consciousness, they are seeing the world through the lens of lower heart-chakra consciousness, which relates to lower fourth density (4D). In this stage, they become more sensitive to the needs of others and think more in terms of the good of the community than in purely selfish pursuits. It is a wider vista of awareness than the narrowly-focused, 3D ambition which preceded it.

Stage seven, the first stage of the spiritual tier of consciousness, is just one short step away. The stage six person is already in heart-centered awareness. They just need to make that short step into upper heart consciousness, into the upper 4D awareness of stage seven, and the connection with higher levels of consciousness opens right up.

For further insights, refer to
Owen K Waters' groundbreaking book,

The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness


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