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The Divine Dynamics
Unified Theory of Everything
by Owen K Waters

Divine Dynamics is the study of Creation. A Unified Theory of Everything is a framework that encompasses the nature of life and the universe.

The one constant in existence is the consciousness of Infinite Being, also known as the Godhead, the Absolute or Tao. Nothing exists beyond Infinite Being. Its consciousness is the sense of awareness present in all people.

Infinite Being is essentially passive and unchanging in nature. However, led by a spark of curiosity, Infinite Being decided to form the Creator as an active aspect of Itself. This Creator aspect then formulated the Law of Creation as a way to create the universe out of the one available resource - consciousness.

Creation was achieved by the division of the original awareness of Infinite Being into separate yang and yin aspects, then setting them into complementary motion. This master principle is called the Law of Creation. From a Divine-centric perspective, these different aspects of consciousness can be viewed as pure thought and pure feeling set into motion. From a human-centric perspective, these aspects are better described as Intention, Attraction and Motion.

While the triune Law of Creation provides the fundamental Divine Matrix of the universe, its replication into three further sets of combinations creates the Manifest Matrix of Creation necessary for the complexity of a physical universe. The original three elements were replicated into an additional nine combinations. These nine additional combinations plus the original three principles make a total of twelve elements which work together to make the Creation of the universe possible.

The combination of three Divine and nine Manifest elements form the framework of physical Creation. Together, they were used to form the twelve levels of existence, the twelve universal laws, and the twelve dimensional properties of matter.

The further complexity required of Creation is made possible by evermore sub-replications and variations, all of which are patterned upon the same original triune principle of the Law of Creation, namely Intention, Attraction and Motion.

Infinite Being, by continual division and subdivision into smaller and more dense parts, collects an infinite variety of experiences. The purpose of its expressions - all sentient life - is to make their way back through experience toward conscious reintegration with their source.

The outbreath into manifestation is now riding the inbreath home. The ongoing Shift to higher consciousness is functioning as a sudden step forward in that journey.

The three parts of the original Law of Creation set the tone for all experience. The Divine principle of Intention determines the nature and design of the universe. The principle of Attraction holds manifestation together while protecting and preserving all life in its journey home. The principle of Motion provides the constant change which creates an infinite variety of experience throughout that journey.

In summary

The Divine Dynamics Unified Theory of Everything states that the Law of Creation – along with sub-combinations of its triune principles of Intention, Attraction and Motion – create the universe and all life for the purpose of an infinite variety of experience.

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