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Higher Energies

A 12-Day Course beginning
Tuesday January 9th, 2018
Presented by
Owen K Waters and Dreama Vance

** This course is now closed **

Higher energies cascade like a waterfall from the core of Creation, filling each realm with their life-giving essence.

As the veil between us and the higher energies becomes thinner, people are picking up these higher frequencies and wondering what this new experience means. They want to know how to better access and navigate these higher frequencies.

Now imagine being handed a powerful set of spiritual keys - keys that will unlock the secrets of all these wonderful and enlightening energies. Imagine becoming one of those select people who will understand more about higher energies than 99% of all spiritual seekers today! That is what the Mastering Higher Energies course is all about.

On this course, you will discover amazing new insights into leading-edge topics such as:

• The different types of higher energies

• How and why they were created

• The divine spark within you

• The nature of ascension

• Living in the soul body

• Examining the source of higher energies

• The pathways these energies take to reach us

• How to attract more of these energies

• What you can achieve with the new energies

• How to use them to heal yourself and others

• Their surprising power to improve the world

• The nature of spiritual energy

• Gaining a silent boost from a focused source

• The higher energy version of creative inspiration

• The power healing method

• Using higher energies in the emerging New Reality

• Best practices for personal transformation today



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